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Let the experts at Guyana, South America Advertising Agency help you take your business to the next level.

For just $10,000 (50 USD), we’ll craft the perfect ad and show it to 10,000 people across Facebook, guaranteed! That’s 10,000 potential customers for your business!

We Do Geo-Targeting.

With Our FaceBook Geo-Targeting feature, we’ll show your ad to the people near you, in a specific region or even another country – wherever your customers are most likely to reside.

Professional Writers and Expert Designers

Leave the wording and design of your advertisement up to our team of copywriters and designers who will craft an ad copy that sells your business, product or service.

Spillover Traffic

When you run your ad with Guyana, South America and you get amazing results, it doesn’t end there. You’ll also benefit from “spillover traffic” and “cross promotions.” Your ads will show as related posts and in search engines and to people browsing our website, and it will always have your contact information.

How It Works

You send us some high quality images and a description of your business. Our team of experts get to work creating an advertising copy describing your business, product or service. You purchase the advertising package by making a deposit of $10,000 (Guyana Dollars), and we start running your ads. It’s that simple!

Let’s Get Started!

Contact us today at (592) 672 9748 (Whatsapp) and let’s take your business to the next level!


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