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Pepperpot – A Guyanese Delicacy

Pepperpot has graced the tables and satisfied the stomachs of all races and classes of Guyanese on a wide variety of occasions – from Christmas season to the everyday grind. During the Christmas season, it is often served with cassava bread and complimented with ginger beer. Although it is not clear at this time which ethnic group introduced pepperpot to Guyana, it might be a blend of two cultures – a tradition adapted by the Africans using casareep – an indigenous creation. It was then adopted and modified by all other ethnic groups in Guyana making it a truly Guyanese flavor.

“Saijan” is Actually the World Renowned Superfood, Moringa

“Saijan bhajee” as it is commonly called by the locals in Guyana, is in fact the world renowne superfood, moringa leaves. Moringa, the subject of a US scientific study around the year 2010, has been classified as a superfood and is used to fight malnutrition as well as for its medicinal value in various parts of the world. The recently developed moringa industry – which sells moringa based products, is a billion dollar industry.