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Energy Drinks and You

The question of whether or not energy drinks are good for you is highly debatable. Doubtless however, they do contain niacin which, when taken in excess, can cause liver damage and liver cancer. The question is, “how much is too much.” Many people reported drinking one energy drink per day for years and remain healthy. A lot of people overdo it however, and get sick. The amount of energy drinks a person’s body can tolerate depends on many factors, such as how healthy the person is, how quickly their body repairs, genetics and hereditary factors, and the kind of diet and exercise program they are currently on.

The Bark of this Tree is Used to Treat Diabetes

It’s called the “Rose of the Mountain Tree” because of the red rose that it bears. This tree grows in the interior regions of Guyana. The bark of the Rose of the Mountain Tree is boiled to make a tea that is drunk to treat diabetes, stroke, and wide range of other diseases. Although these claims are not based on scientific findings, herbal medicine advocates swear by it.