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Commentary: Are You going to Flag Raising Tonight?

Last updated: May 27, 2018 at 2:43 am

flag photoOn the 26th of May, 2018, Guyanese performed their 52nd Annual Flag Raising Ceremony to usher in the celebration of Independence day.

My friend Jelissa texted me via Facebook Messenger.

Jelissa: You going flag raising tonight?

Me: Not sure. What’s so exciting about raising a flag? Lol.

Jelissa: Just asking if you going.

Me. Lol. I doubt it.

Jelissa: Nothing exciting about raising a flag.

Me: Lol.

Jelissa: Plus the place wet and dirty.

Me: If they hadn’t raised that flag, we’d all have British and Canadian visas. Hahaha. Now we’re stuck in this rut.

Jelissa. Dying with laughter. Oh Patrick. Very funny.

Me: Ruled by descendants of slavery. Hahaha.

Jelissa: Lmao. Oh boi I’m out of here.

Me: Lol. It’s true though. Hahaha.

Jelissa: Tell them that.

Me: Yes, I’ll write an article about it.

Jelissa: You have to give a speech at the flag raising ceremony. šŸ˜€

Me: Lol. I’ll give that same speech.

Jelissa. Rolling on the floor laughing.

Me: Lol.

Jelissa: Someone not shoot you?

Me. It’s free speech. But then the truth hurts. Lol.

Jelissa: Yes. The truth hurts.

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