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The Clay Brick Project

I was happy to read today about the clay-brick initiative being taken by the Government of Guyana, specifically, the Central Housing and Planning Authority. But “happy” might be under-stating it. I might be a bit over-joyed.

I wrote in an earlier article about the merits of utilizing clay bricks in construction in Guyana. First of all, it is good for Guyana’s economy. The more we make use of our resources, the richer we become. If we produce clay bricks instead of buying cement blocks, more local people will be employed and more money gets circulated into Guyana’s economy.

The clay brick project will not have its merits in boycotting Trinidad industries, nor does it seek to blow cement and cement blocks completely out of the water. But what it will do though, is give the cement a good run for its money on the basis of the superiority of clay bricks over cement blocks.

It is important to note that there are some things we can produce and some we can’t. No country can thrive without imports – especially not a small country like Guyana. You’ve heard the saying that “no man is an island.” In the same way, “no country is a planet.” We all rely on each other, and what we can’t produce we must import. Imports and exports make the world go around.

On the other hand, there are some things we can produce cheaply in our own country, and which we have the competitive edge to produce. And one of these is clay bricks.

Here are some fun facts about clay bricks:

  • They are stronger.
  • They last longer.
  • They reduce construction costs (in Guyana)
  • They’re more beautiful than cement blocks.
  • They strengthen Guyana’s economy.
  • They utilize Guyana’s natural resources.

In addition, machines can be sourced from China which can be run on solar energy and churn out hundreds of clay-bricks per minute.

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