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Was Guyana Better Under British Rule?

Last updated: May 27, 2018 at 3:02 am

british photoOpinions will vary widely on this matter. Was Guyana better under British Rule? And should we have stayed that way? Some would say “yes,” some would say “no,” some would say “absolutely,” and some would say “sort of.” And the list goes on.

But what’s really the truth? Does rebellion really pay off? And can we compare our rebellion with that of the United States against the British Empire? What did the United States really gain from Independence from Great Britain? I mean, besides the mega-theater “Hollywood.” And would Hollywood not have been better if the United States was still a British Colony?

What was life like under British rule? I’ve heard many stories. And I’ll sum it up here.

  1. You’d go to the market with just one cent, buy all you want, and still have “change.”
  2. Cane cutters would be home playing music, drinking and making merry under their houses by 10:00 A.M.
  3. Free education for all.
  4. Impenetrable national security by the Royal Forces.
  5. Greater ability to move to England and Canada.
  6. Better health care.
  7. Better management of the economy.
  8. Opportunities for upward socio-economic mobility

So what did we really fight for? While I’m not putting down the sacrifices of our forefathers nor the hard work of famous politicians such as Dr. Jagan and Mr. Burnham, I’m still asking myself, “what are we really free from?”

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