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World Cup Football – Most of Guyana Cheers for Brazil

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Published: 5th of December, 2022 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: December 9, 2022 at 20:44 pm

Update: Today is a sad day for most Guyanese as Brazil has been booted out of the World Cup finals following their defeat to Croatia.

The FIFA World Cup Football Games are now in full swing in Qatar and everyone is betting on their favorite team. For most of Guyana, that team is Brazil. Most Guyanese, especially those living in Region 9, are cheering on their southern neighbor, the football tiger, Brazil. In fact, almost all, if not all, Region 9 residents, who live on the border with Brazil, are cheering for Brazil. On days when Brazil is scheduled to play, Region 9 residents would be decked out in their yellow football jerseys to stand in solidarity with Brazil, and, glued in front of the television, cheer for Brazil – sitting at the edge of their seats and bursting into shouts whenever Brazil is about to score a goal.

Will this trend ever stop? Perhaps when Guyana sends its own team to the World Cup Games. On this note, President Ali said recently that he is optimistic that Guyana will send its first football team to the next World Cup Football Games in 2026. At that time, Guyanese will be compelled by virtue of patriotism to cheer for their own country, and they will no longer dress up in yellow jerseys and cheer for Brazil.

But one might wonder why Guyanese don’t cheer for England instead since Guyana was once a British colony? Well, it’s possible that some Guyanese still cheer for England, but that would be based on personal taste, not because of Guyanese’ love for England.

Although Guyana was once a British colony, after Independence, the relationship between Guyana and England soured, and England basically slammed its door shut on Guyana. In fact, Guyana has a better relationship with Brazil than it does with England. To put this into perspective, Brazil had been offering Guyanese visa-free travel for decades while England only started a few months ago – after oil started pumping. Further, Brazil offers Guyanese university scholarships if they can pass a Portuguese language course. There are more Brazilians in Guyana than there are Brits in Guyana, and more Guyanese travel to Brazil than to England.

On December 5, to the delight of its cheering Guyanese fans countrywide, Brazil thrashed South Korea with a whooping 4-1, although it lost to Cameroon a few days ago.

Heading into Qatar 2022, Brazil is the most successful nation in World Cup history and has won the famous trophy five times. Germany and Italy are not far behind, having won the competition on four occasions. Brazil has won five FIFA World Cup titles in the country’s illustrious footballing history, more than any other nation. This is denoted by five stars above the national team crest on their jerseys. Guyanese are hoping that this year will make it six!

So, how are you feeling that Brazil has been booted out of the World Cup Finals? Tell us in the comments!

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