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Hampshire Village – Corentyne – Berbice

This article was last updated on the 12th February, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

The village of Hampshire, on the Corentyne coast of Berbice, Guyana is bordered by the Village of Belvedere to the West, the village of Williamsburg to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and the sugar cane fields to the south.

The Corentyne highway (also called the public road) cuts its path along the coastal plains of Berbice in a curvaceous manner, approximately 2 miles away from the sea shore. The Corentyne highway divides the village of Hampshire into North (of the public road) and south (of the public road. The section of Hampshire which lies north of the public road naturally will be closer to the Atlantic Ocean. The section of Hampshire village which lies south of the public road will naturally be closer to the sugar cane fields.

The population of Hampshire village is approximately 1000. About 70 percent of the residents of Hampshire are cane cutters, 10 percent businessmen, 10 person skilled workers, 5 percent other laborers, and 5 percent students.

The racial composition of the people of Hampshire Village is about 99% East Indian, with less than 1 percent of African and mixed races.

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