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IWOKRAMA (Place of Refuge)

IWOKRAMA is 100 Acres (3710 square kilometres OR 1430 square miles) of pristine rainforest.  Iwokrama is one of Guyana’s Protected areas. Logging and other commercial activities are prohibited in this area by the government of Guyana. If anyone carries out such industrial activities in these areas of the forest, they may be arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

Why is this area protected and preserved?

The Iwokrama rainforest areas is protected and preserved by a group of authorities in an effort to “preserve” the natural environment from destruction and changes brought on by commercial and industrial activities whose main concerns are making a profit and pay no attention to the destruction of the natural environment.

The Protected Areas Commission seeks to preserve a “piece of nature” for studies, sightseeing, tourism  and human observation.

What can tourists expect to see in the Iwokrama Rainforests?

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