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Car Culture With Neilon A. Dias

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Published: 25th of February, 2017

Last updated: November 7, 2022 at 17:01 pm

Car Culture in Guyana has taken a new turn with television personality Neilon Dias. Tune in to E-Networks Channel 1 Every Saturday at 7: 30 PM for the latest in…well “Car Culture” in Guyana. Tune on Wednesday, 9pm to E-Networks Channel 1 for the rebroadcast every week!

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the automotive industry, in cross-country traveling, in motor sports and in automotive upgrading and maintenance.

Are you a car enthusiast?

Do you spend extra hours getting you hands and clothes dirty to ensure your car gets that special tweak? 

Do you think there’s something extra special about your car?

Tell us about it. We just might be interested in hearing your story, and featuring you and your car on our show.

To Learn More About Car Culture With Neilon Dias, Contact:

Neilson A. Dias
Tel: +592-600-9343, +592-621-2929 (Whatsapp Available)
Facebook: (Click the link.)
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