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Greaves Transportation and Tours – Lethem to Georgetown Bus Service

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Published: 9th of August, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: August 9, 2023 at 22:15 pm

Greaves Transportation and Tours is one of the safest, most comfortable, and most reliable bus services that runs the Lethem-Linden Trail in Guyana, South America. It is highly recommended by the Guyana, South America Publication for persons traveling from Lethem to Georgetown and Georgetown to Lethem.

About Greaves Transportation and Tours

Greaves Transportation and Tours is a transportation company in Guyana, South America which takes passengers from Lethem to Georgetown and vice versa. The service sports 15 buses including a big 18-seater. Greaves Transportation and Tours can also transport your packages/cargo/parcels/documents between Lethem and Georgetown for a reasonable fee.

Greaves Transportation and Tours has their offices at:


Lot 10 Culvert City New Housing Scheme, Lethem, Region 9, Guyana, South America


Lot 12 Light Street – between North Road and Robb Street (obliquely opposite Rockies Hotel.)

At present (last updated 9th of August, 2023), the cost for a one-way ticket from Lethem to Georgetown is $14,000 GYD per person, and the cost of a one-way ticket from Georgetown to Lethem is $16,000 GYD per person. A return ticket costs $29,000 per person.

How To Reserve Your Seat

If you would like to travel with Greaves Transportation and Tours Bus Service along the Lethem to Linden Trail, you can reserve your ticket by visiting any of their two offices listed above. You can also contact them by phone or WhatsApp on the numbers below.

(592) 610 0759 (Lethem Office)

(592) 696 3011 (Lethem Office)

(592) 641 3661 (Georgetown Office)

Although the numbers listed above are office-specific, the manager explained to this publication that any number can be used to reserve from any destination. However, if you are planning to leave from Lethem, try to get on to the Lethem numbers first, and if you need to leave from Georgetown, try to get on to the Georgetown office first.

Social Media Pages

You can connect with Greaves Transportation and Tours via their Facebook Page where you can make contact or see updates. Greaves Transportation and Tours regularly post interesting photos and videos on their Facebook Page: Greaves Transportation and Tours.

Working Hours

The offices are open from Sunday to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM both in Lethem and Georgetown. Both offices are closed on Saturdays as Greaves Transportation and Tours do not work on Saturdays. Buses also leave from Sundays to Fridays and take a rest on Saturdays.

Departure Times and Itinerary

Buses leave Lethem at 12:00 noon everyday (except Saturdays). It reaches the Kurupukari Crossing around 5 PM and arrive in Georgetown around midnight. Buses leave Georgetown at 4 PM. It reaches the Kurupukari Crossing around 2 AM where travelers take a short nap and wake up to catch the first ferry across the river which is 6 AM. The bus arrives in Lethem around 11 AM.


Greaves Transportation and Tours, in addition to being a full time bus service between Georgetown and Lethem, also provides tours to various destinations in Region 9. For more information, contact them using the contact information provided above.

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