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Cyborg Protection Services

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Published: 1st of March, 2024 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: March 1, 2024 at 22:48 pm

Cyborg Protection Services is a Guyana based security company with its head office in the capital city of Georgetown, Region 4, Guyana, South America. Founded in 2021, Cyborg provides industry standard security services with its crosshairs and target market aimed at foreign nationals and companies that have business or which are looking to set up business in Guyana.

Founder of Cyborg Protection Services, Mr. Eustace Abraham, popularly known as “Robocop,” is a Guyanese born re-migrant who had spent 22 years in Canada working in the security services industry prior to returning to his homeland in 2020. Mr. Abraham made the decision to return to Guyana after a call to the diaspora by President Ali urging Guyanese professionals abroad to return home with their skills to support the booming oil economy.

“The vision for Cyborg was born out of a desire to provide a service which I believe is lacking in Guyana, and which I think the country desperately needs.”

Eustace Abraham, Founder

Cyborg: The Story Behind the Name and Logo

According to company founder Eustace Abraham, the logo of Cyborg shows a harpy eagle with various weapons within its grasp. The eagle by itself is the largest and most powerful bird with strong vision and direct, precise movements. A cyborg is half man, half machine. A cyborg paired with an eagle symbolizes an invincible combination of protective mechanisms. And that is the aim of Cyborg Protection Services: unmatched protection services.

Our niches include:

  • Executive Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Close Protection
  • Convoy Escorts

Cyborg Founder Mr. Eustace Abraham boasts an extensive background in training in these areas and actual performance of duties with top level, high net worth North Americans. His decades of hands on experience in the field of security, both locally and internationally, is what he says separates him from the competition.

Contact Cyborg Protection Services

You can make contact with Cyborg Protection Services in the following ways:

Facebook: Cyborg Protection Services


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