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Bandits Break into Lethem Store, Cart off Over 4 Million Plus Valuables

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16th of August, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: August 16, 2023 at 19:42 pm

A Lethem, Region 9 businessman is counting his losses after bandits broke into his store, “Champion’s Choice,” and carted off over 4 million Guyana dollars in cash along with a quantity of mobile phones and brand name Brazilian perfumes.

Mr. Lyndon Franklin, proprietor of Champion’s Choice in Lethem, explained to this publication that he was shocked to find his store broken into a “professional” way by “expert” bandits early this morning when he arrived there. The robbery apparently took place sometime last night (15th of August, 2023) or in the early morning hours of today (16th of August).

Proprietor of Champion’s Choice in Lethem, Mr. Lyndon Franklin

These guys seem to be very organized, professional. The doors were wringed out in a way that showed proficiency and careful planning.

It is not clear at this point where the bandits fled with the items. It’s possible that they fled to neighboring Brazil, but it’s also possible that they are en route to Georgetown. Wherever they are, these bandits will try to sell their loot, so we are asking the general public to please be on the lookout and help us apprehend these criminals. If you notice persons trying to sell Brazilian colognes, electronic tablets, and smartphones at black market prices, without receipt, or in a somewhat suspicious manner, we’re asking that you kindly contact the closest police station and tip them off. If possible, show the police this article.

Kindly share this article to help us arrest these criminals.

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