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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is Unfit for Government

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15th of February, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: February 18, 2024 at 22:12 pm

It is not clear how Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister of Canada in the first place, but it is clear that he is unfit for political office. Justin Trudeau has taken the first step towards authoritarian tendencies, tyranny, and dictatorship by banning international news outlets from reaching Canadians. Imagine a Canadian Guyanese not being able to know what is going on in their homeland from a firsthand source!

The reason for this is unclear, but it is certainly draconian in nature, and one against which Canadians should protest. A fan of the Guyana, South America Publication told us that they can no longer see content from our Facebook Page because it is now deemed a news outlet. Justin Trudeau, in a tyrannical and suffocating move, has restricted Canadians free flow of information by banning well-meaning publications from reaching Canadians.

This is bad enough, but the real question is, what is he going to do next? It is stated in the US Declaration of Independence, “When in the course of humans events, it becomes necessary for one people to throw off their current government, and secure for themselves new guards for their future security, conscience demands that they declare the just causes which impel them to the separation.” The United States’ Declaration of Independence sets a gold standard for how people should react when their basic rights are being trampled upon. It is clear that what Justin Trudeau has done to the Canadian people is tyrannical, and demonstrates that he is unfit to be the ruler of a free and civilized people.

What Canadians Can Do

The greatest thing Canadians can do to recover their freedom is to VOTE JUSTIN TRUDEAU OUT in the next Canadian election! In the meantime, there is a way to circumvent this draconian restriction on Canadian rights and freedom using technological advancement.

Browsing Restricted Sites Using a VPN

Justin Trudeau has trampled on Canadian rights and freedom by restricting the flow of information, but Canadians can get around this by installing a free VPN on their web browser to circumvent this draconian restriction.

A VPN, which stands for virtual private network, establishes a digital connection between your computer and a remote server owned by a VPN provider, creating a point-to-point tunnel that encrypts your personal data, masks your IP address, and lets you sidestep website blocks and firewalls on the internet.

Using a free VPN on your browser, you can browse the internet as though you are in the USA, England, Guyana, and many other parts of the world that you can choose from. Using a VPN hides your IP address so no one can know where you are browsing the web from. It was first intended to protect people by concealing their location, but it now comes in handy to GIVE CANADIANS BACK THEIR FREEDOM WHICH WAS STOLEN BY JUSTIN TRUDEAU.

Not all VPNs are created equal. Some are free, and some are paid. Some are partly free. You have to select a VPN compatible with the browser you are using. There are different VPNs designed for Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. In my case, I’m using the Firefox browser, so I will do a demonstration of how to install and use a Free Firefox VPN.

First, I open up my web browser and search for “Free VPN for Firefox,” as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, I’ll scroll down the results and select the Free VPN for Firefox by VeePN

After opening the site, I’ll click on “Add to Firefox.”

The installation process beings and a few seconds later, this notice pops up.

I’ll complete the process by clicking “Add.” A thank you page loads giving me the option to either stick with the free version or upgrade to the paid plan.

For now, I’ll continue with the free, limited version of the VPN. And that’s it! The VPN has been installed!

Now, let’s use it! To the top right of my Firefox browser, I’ll click on the “Extension” Icon.

Then, I’ll click on the VPN plugin extension, follow the steps to give it permission, and accept the terms and conditions. The free version of this VPN allows me to browse the web as though I’m in the Netherlands, USA, Singapore, Russia, or France. Selecting any of these will allow you to access websites and social media pages banned by the Canadian government!

For a better experience, such as speed and more options, you can purchase a VPN subscription. It’s relatively cheap and a small price to pay to take your web freedom back until Justin Trudeau is voted out and tyranny is removed from the free world!

Today, let’s take a moment to reflect on the millions of brave men and women who died in the First and Second World Wars, the American Revolutionary War, and in so many other conflicts to bring peace and freedom to the future generations. Their sacrifices must not go in vain! We must protect and preserve the freedom, for which our forefathers fought and give their lives, at all costs! And we must put our foot down on tyranny, against which so many brave heroes waged war, at all costs!

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