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Compton Peters Responds to Allegations of Rape

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Published: 4th of January, 2023. Guyana, South America. Guyana News.

Last updated: January 5, 2023 at 2:30 am

Community Development Officer of Karasabai Village, Compton Peters, has reached out to this publication to refute allegations of rape made against him by a Social Media Personality who goes by the name Melly Facking Mel on Facebook.

According to Mr. Peters, the elder sister of the young girl in question has been under his employ for several months. On the night in question, the said girl, along with her mother and sister, was at his home when the girl became exhausted and requested a place to sleep at 3 AM in the morning hours of the night.

Peters said he afforded her a place to sleep in his room along with her 2 year old sister and Compton Peter’s son. According to Mr. Peters, the young girl was placed into his room by her elder sister. At around 5 AM the following morning, the young girl’s mother came to uplift her and take her home. At that point, another woman observed the girl being taken away from Compton Peters’ home and encouraged the mother to make a police report because she believed that Mr Peters had sex with the teenager that night.

A report was made and Mr Peters was detained. However, Mr Peters claims that a medical review confirms that the teen did not engage in sexual activity on the night in question and further that he has the medical papers to prove this. Peters further related that the teen absolved him of all blame in her statement to the police. Further, Peters said, the teen’s mother has issued an apology to him.

Mr. Peters would like to dispel rumors of paying money to the young woman’s mother and says he feels that he is being attacked by political opponents out of pure spite. He also related that the girl in question is 16 years old, and not 14 as the social media media personality reported.

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