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Editorial: The Humanitarian Mission Guyana Needs to Expand into Other Regions

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Published: 10th of June, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News

Last updated: December 17, 2022 at 3:24 am

Speaking to the founder of the Humanitarian Mission Guyana, Mr. Suresh Sugrim, a few days ago, he outlined some of the challenges he was facing in keeping the organization alive. He explained that he is considering closing down the organization because of these many challenges. Frankly speaking, that would be a great loss for the country of Guyana and its people.

The Humanitarian Mission, through its generous donors and sponsors internationally, affords Guyanese a long list of skills training programs for free or at a very low cost. Most of the HMG’s supporters are based in the USA. Founder Mr. Suresh Sugrim himself is a US resident – where he rallies support for underprivileged Guyanese and seeks support to get them on the path to a better life.

To date, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of persons have testimonies of the positive impact that the HMG has had on their lives, and how it helped them to acquire a skill that they could translate into net profit dollars for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, the rich/poor divide is very great in Guyana. Not everyone is fortunate to come from a great family background, get a great education, or even find a good job. Many people are still struggling and desperately need the helping hand that the HMG so willingly extends.

On a regular basis, people contact this publication for help in finding a job, getting small business capital, or solving a personal crisis. A lot of the times when this happens, my mind flashes to the Humanitarian Mission Guyana and its founder, Mr. Suresh Sugrim, which have helped many such persons.

I sometimes direct people over to the Humanitarian Mission Guyana, but this is not always possible. One impediment is the distance away that some of these people are located from the HMG’s headquarters. At present, the HMG only has one branch and headquarter in Region 6. For this reason, we believe the Humanitarian Mission Guyana needs to expand across Guyana, and not close its door.

We urge the people of Guyana and the Guyana Government to give the Humanitarian Mission Guyana its full support so that it may continue to grow and expand and impact those hard-to-reach and often ignored recesses of the Guyanese community.

If you wish to give support to or seek assistance from the Humanitarian Mission Guyana, you can contact them on their Facebook Page: The Humanitarian Mission Guyana.

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