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Guyanese Citizen Describes Harrowing Experience of Being Robbed at Gunpoint in Georgetown

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First Published: 26th of July, 2022. Georgetown, Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: December 16, 2022 at 0:18 am

A prominent Guyanese citizen, Mr. Frank Satnarine, described a harrowing experience of being robbed at gunpoint in the capital city of Georgetown on the evening of Saturday, 23rd of July, 2022 at around 10:30 PM. These types of gunpoint robberies, perpetuated by youths on bicycles, are unfortunately not uncommon in Guyana, but are poorly reported upon, and even more poorly addressed by the Guyana Police Force. Guyanese, and foreigners visiting Guyana, are left at the mercy of these robbers who carry out their attacks as though it were a full time job, both in the day and night.

What’s even more worrying is the fact that the places where the attacks are regularly carried out are often busy, populated areas, such as car parks and the Stabroek Market area, and the people there would just look on and do nothing, not even attempt to call the cops, while someone is being robbed.

Mr. Frank Satnarine related that on the evening of Saturday, 23rd of June, 2022, he attended a barbeque event at the Everest Cricket Club. Knowing that he would probably be intoxicated, he chose to take public transportation and not drive his own vehicle. After having a few beers with some friends, Frank decided to head home. Frank called a taxi but it didn’t respond, so he decided to head over to the bus park.

As he was walking along Long Den Street, between America and Croal Streets, Mr. Satnarine was approached by two youths on bicycles. One of them maneuvered in front of him and blocked his path, grabbing his phone. Frank said he tried to fight back and prevent his phone from being stolen, but his attackers pulled out a gun. At that point, he relented and allowed them to have it. After that, the bandits started to violently remove Frank’s silver chain from his neck and his silver rings from his finger. One of the rings fell on the ground. Frank tried to pick it up. As he bent down to pick up the ring, one of the bandits reached into his pocket and relieved him of all his cash, which was a significant amount.

After that, the bandits retreated calmly with their plunder. Frank explained to this publication that what amazed him is the fact that there was a crowd of people looking on, but no one stepped up to his defense or tried in any shape or form to deter the bandits. When he questioned the people there as to why they didn’t act, he was told that the bandits had a gun, and they were afraid of being shot. What’s even more amazing is that an active police outpost (located between Demico and Stabroek Market) was just about 200 feet away from where the robbery took place.

Frank subsequently made a detailed report to the Brickdam Police Station. He was told that the matter would be investigated, but to date, he has not heard back from the police.

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