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Video: Guyanese Critic Calls Azruddin Mohamed on Facebook Live

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Published: 12th of May, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News. Entertainment

Last updated: May 12, 2023 at 22:00 pm

Boom out to all the low life hungry belly dags! The one and only Guyanese Critic today picked up his phone during a Facebook Live and called his “buddy fren” Azruddin Mohamed.

The resounding question here though, is “how is this even news?” The answer is, “because Guyanese people too fast and like mind everybody’s business.”

Over the past few weeks, there have been nationwide speculation that one of Guyana’s most famous social media personality and reporter, the Guyanese Critic, and popular city businessman, Azruddin Mohamed, have “fallen out” and are no longer friends.

The rumors started after Team Mohamed’s Facebook page stopped showing the Guyanese Critic in their posts and photos for several weeks. You heard all kinds of rumors – even that Guyanese Critic stole millions from Azruddin.

When Team Mohameds made two posts saying that “being good gets you used,” and “some people build their success on the backs of others,” the vast majority of Guyanese speculated that those posts were “shades” being directed at the Guyanese Critic.

The drama continues as Guyanese Critic on a Facebook Live said that he “always walked alone,” which almost confirmed nationwide suspicions that the two had fallen out.

Compounding the matter even further was a leaked conversation between a popular social media influencer and Azruddin Mohamed in which the influencer was telling Mohamed that the Guyanese Critic is not a qualified contractor.

Rumors and speculations spread like wildfire as people spun all kinds of stories as to what might have caused the “fallout” between the two “buddy frens.”

But in a sudden surprise twist, Guyanese Critic today called his buddy fren Azruddin (as you can see from the video below) and asked him what they are going to do this weekend, to which Azruddin replied “we can do a lot of things,” and made some suggestions.

This left the naysayers in shock, especially those who were rejoicing in the thought that the Guyanese Critic would no longer be “chilling with the big boys.”

Whether there was a hiccup in the friendship or whether the two buddy frens were “playing dead to see their own funerals,” we’ll never know. One thing for sure…Guyanese Critic got a glimpse of some of his haters and some of his die hard supporters.

Video downloaded from Facebook Page of Jasper Ramcharran
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