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Guyanese Woman Trapped in Syria Makes Yet Another Desperate Plea for Repatriation

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Published: 7th of June, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: June 8, 2023 at 0:10 am

A Guyanese woman who has been trapped in Syria for several years has made yet another desperate plea to the Government of Guyana for repatriation. Although the circumstances of her migration to the war-torn Middle Eastern country is shrouded in controversary, the woman maintains that she went there not to fight for ISIS but to render humanitarian assistance. Back in Guyana, Rafena Kumar underwent training in nursing.

Now the mother of two children, the woman in her mid twenties is facing severe hardships in a Syrian refugee camp – praying for the day she will be repatriated to her homeland, Guyana. Rafena made several pleas to the Guyana government for repatrition in the past – all of which fell on deaf ears.

Consequently, the young woman contacted this publication again early this month (June, 2023), and asked us to publish the following letter.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to you as a desperate Guyanese citizen and nurse trapped in Syria for nine long years, enduring unimaginable hardships, including three years in Camp Roj, almost two years in Camp Ah-Hawl, and four years under ISIS captivity.

In 2015, driven by a sincere desire to aid children affected by the chaos near the Turkish border, I joined an NGO. Regrettably, my well-intentioned efforts took a devastating turn as I fell victim to deception and ended up in the clutches of ISIS. I am now a mother to two children, Abdullah (7) and Salahudeen (5), and our deepest desire is to return home and rebuild our shattered lives. 

Despite the deception, I take responsibility. Throughout the past nine years, we have endured unspeakable hardships, and now we implore you for a second chance at life, liberated from the grip of fear and uncertainty. We humbly request your urgent support and decisive executive action to ensure our safe repatriation to Guyana, where we can exercise our basic human rights.

Your compassionate intervention in our dire plight would hold immeasurable significance for me and my children. By granting us repatriation, safety, and security, you would allow us to rebuild our lives and make meaningful contributions to our beloved country. I am eager to utilize my nursing skills to bring value to my community and help those in need, just as I had initially planned.

We cling to the hope that you will be our guiding light during these dark times. Your swift executive action has the power to restore our faith in humanity and offer us a new beginning. We are eternally grateful for the repatriation you can provide today. Will that be okay?


Rafena and children

End Quote

Team Guyana, South America strongly urges the Guyana Government, more specifically the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to contact the Syrian authorities and facilitate the repatriation of Rafena to her homeland.

If you would like to assist, please contact her mother, Faziela Kumar, on (592) 662 7007 (WhatsApp Available) for more information.

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