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International Criminal Court Contemplating Arrest of Netanyahu and other Israeli Government and Military Officials

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30th of April, 2024. International News. Middle East.

Last updated: April 30, 2024 at 22:15 pm

The International Criminal Court in the Hague, Netherlands (different from the International Court of Justice), is contemplating arresting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as other Israeli Government and military officials for alleged war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, reliable sources have said. The ICC also has on its list top Hamas officials for arrest warrants.

Israel Says it Will Not Bow to Pressure

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video statement today, 30th of April, 2024, in which he condemned the move by the ICC and stated that Israel will not bow to pressure from the ICC or any regulatory body for that matter, and will continue its fight to secure its border and to eliminate Hamas terrorists from the Gaza Strip. Netyanha said that Israel will continue fighting until Hamas is no longer a threat to the State of Israel or its people, and until all hostages are released.

I want to assure you, no ICC action will impact Israel’s iron clad determination to achieve the goals of our war with Hamas terrorists: We will destroy Hamas’s military and governing capabilities in Gaza, we will release all our hostages, and we will ensure that Gaza never poses a threat to Israel again.

Benjamin Netanyahu, 30th of April, 2024

Netanyahu also said that the Israeli army, the IDF, is one of the most moral military in the world and it takes endless measures to prevent civilian casualties, measures that no other army takes.

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