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Internet Awash with Memes About Girl Who Made “Colorish” Comment

Published: 5th of January, 2023. Guyana, South America. Guyana News.

Last updated: January 5, 2023 at 23:48 pm

The internet is now awash with memes trolling a young woman who made a comment about color preferences. The young woman who goes by the name Sabrina Williams is being trolled on Social Media and some are calling on her to issue an apology. Keyboard warriors say they won’t “let her down” so easily as they scrambled to create memes making a mockery of the young woman. One person went as far as creating a collage with her photo next to Shrek or Fiona or one of these cartoon monsters.

But what was the comment that drew so much ire from the black community? You can see it below.

As you can see from the screenshot above, Lorenzo Ronaldo posted, “No Guyanese na gon hop on that ‘go watch my story'”?

This is local Creolese dialect for saying, “No Guyanese will respond to your request to ‘go watch my story’.”

The meaning of Lorenzo’s post is not glaringly obvious, but it probably has something to do with pornographic content that was recently uploaded to Facebook Stories.

Sabrina Williams commented, “It betta be some fair skin ppl cause I would get turn off with black people sk.”

That is Creolese dialect for saying, “It (the Facebook story), had better be featuring some light skinned people because I would get turned off by black people (expletive).”

Sabrina added a few laughing emojis and a skull, suggesting that it’s a joke or humorous comment. “Sk” by the way is a shortened form of the expletive “sk**t.”

Her comment cannot be classified as racist because dark and fair skinned people exist in both the East Indian and African races in the country of Guyana, but we can classify it as “colorism” if such a thing exists.

Sabrina’s comment instantly drew a backlash from the black community with thousands of them trolling her. One person made a meme with Sabrina’s head on a white pillow captioned, “how I sleep knowing I’m white.” Another one made a meme comparing her to the cartoon character Fiona from Shrek, and hundreds of others heaped exaggerated insults in the comments.

Sabrina, by the way, appears to be a young woman of mixed heritage which likely includes African roots.

I don’t fully grasp the complexities of it, but her comment had something to do with color preferences, and is obviously not meant to be taken seriously. Whatever it was, it’s her opinion. Everyone has the right to an opinion. No need to get hurt about that.

Here’s our advice:

If someone types on Facebook, “I don’t like white people,” the entire white race would ignore it. They wouldn’t give any energy to it because they are proud of who they are and they have a superiority complex. That young girl was obviously joking. Stop showing the world that you have a button that can be pushed and you are so easily hurt. Be proud of yourself whether you are white, black, brown, blue, red, or yellow. Every color is beautiful and everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes.

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1 month ago

Bull crapp
!! When u are saying black people…it means african people….she deserves it because of her nasty mentality…have u ever heard of a racist black 🖤 neverrrr

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