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Let the New Year Find Us With Light Hearts and Clean Slates – by Ronald J. Daniels

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So my people, let’s talk for a few minutes. Might I invite us all, even as this year comes to a close, to honestly reflect upon the year behind us. Let us firstly reflect upon our own missteps, our shortcomings, the instances we have either unknowingly or deliberately hurt the people in our lives, the poor financial decisions we have made, the instances when empathy and compassion did not feature in our consideration, the moments we were prevailed upon by pride, the occasions we have slandered the character of others, etc.

Let us also pause to reflect upon the countless times that God’s matchless grace and undeserving mercies have caused us to overcome people and circumstances which tried to anchor us from progressing, the instances we have chosen to be the bigger person and have chosen the preservation of relationships over being right, the occasions when our hearts were charitable when our means were rather limited, etc.

My people, those who have wronged us over the past year, let us recall them only from that place of forgiveness and moving forward. Let the new year find us with light hearts and clean slates.

I challenge us not to write lengthy resolutions. Let’s be honest about how many of those we abandon soon after we pen them – soon after our burning desires to change are consumed by our surrender to our regular ways. Let us keep our goals tight and realistic. If we commit to a few realistic goals, we will accomplish infinitely more than the scrolls of resolutions that we routinely pen.

If you forget everything we have spoken about here my people, please don’t forget that TIME is our most important asset. Let us use our time with economy. Let us be ever wise in choosing what and in whom to invest our time.

I bid you God’s richest blessings and every success in 2023. Do know that I love you deeply.

Ronald J. Daniels

December 2022

Editor’s Note: This article was reprinted with permission from the Facebook post of Guyanese Attorney at Law, Ronald J. Daniels because we believe it sends a beautiful message.

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