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Moco Moco 999 Steps No Longer Open to Public

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Published: 21st of May, 2023 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: May 22, 2023 at 1:18 am

The well known Moco Moco 999 steps which became a sort of tourist attraction in Moco Moco Village, Region 9 is no longer open to the public for tourism purposes. The 999 steps is part of the earlier construction of the Moco Moco hydropower plant. After the failure of the hydropower plant, the steps became a popular tourists’ adventure partly for the view from the top and partly to test one’s physical abilities.

Over the years, persons traveled to Moco Moco village to visit the Moco Moco Falls as well as climb the 999 steps structure. However, since March 2023, the 999 steps is no longer accessible to the public due to ongoing engineering and construction works aimed at reviving the Moco Moco hydropower plant.

The Moco Moco waterfall is still accessible to the public. However, this publication was informed that different routes to access the falls are now mapped out and that persons visiting there will be guided by the persons in charge of the falls area, Mr. Alton Primus and family.

The government’s initiate to revive the defunct Moco Moco hydropower plant as well as construct a hydropower plant on the Kumu Falls is part of an energy mix that is projected to provide cheap, non-stop electricity to the town of Lethem as well as neighboring communities by the year 2025.

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