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New Lethem-Linden Highway Will Open Up Vistas of Opportunities for Guyanese

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10th of March, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: March 10, 2024 at 19:53 pm

The Guyana Government, funded in part by several international stakeholders including the UK Government, has embarked on the ambitious and much anticipated task of transforming the Lethem-Linden trail into a modern all-weather highway built to international standards.

Already, about 50 kilometers of the 600 KM stretch has been completely or partially paved. Over 49 bridges were converted from wood to concrete. Some experts predict that the highway could be completed by early 2027, but others say it might take as long 2030. At the current rate, the trail would take several years to be transformed into a modern highway, but the possibility is tremendous that the government, in collaboration with local and international stakeholders, and aided by Guyana’s financial windfall from oil revenues, might fast forward operations to have it completed by as early as 2025.

When completed, and even while being constructed, the new Lethem-Linden Highway will open up a multitude of opportunities for the Guyanese people through business and job creation. Guyanese would be well advised to start positioning themselves to cash in on these opportunities as the road approaches completion.

Here are some ways in which the new Lethem-Linden Highway will create economy-boosting opportunities for the Guyanese people.

  • A significant number of fuel stations, resorts, hotels, shops, and supermarkets will bloom and do big business along the 600-kilometer road to service the growing volume of traffic between Lethem and Georgetown once the highway is complete.
  • The Lethem-Linden Highway will dramatically increase the demand for motorists and motor vehicles operating between Georgetown and Lethem, creating substantial opportunities in the local transportation industry.
  • The completion of the Lethem-Linden highway will boost tourism by facilitating a greater influx of Brazilian visitors. It will also enable more Guyanese to tour Brazil boosting the transportation, food, and hospitality industries even more.
  • The modern highway will support greater trade between Guyana and Brazil making it possible for Guyanese to purchase Brazilian products much cheaper and also opening up new doors for Guyana to sell some of its products to Brazil.
  • Land prices in Lethem will continue to rise as is already happening.


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