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Prison Escapee, Convicted Rapist, and Suspected Murderer, Akeem Wong, Shot Dead by Police

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17th of March, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: March 17, 2024 at 22:44 pm

Convicted rapist and suspected double murderer, Akeem Wong, was shot dead today, 17th of March, 2024 during a confrontation with Guyana Police Force ranks in ‘Groete Creek’ Backdam, Essequibo River in Region #3, Guyana, South America, according to a report by the Guyana Police Force via their Facebook Page today, Sunday, 17th of March, 2024.

Akeem Wong after he was shot dead by Police on the 17th of March, 2024 at around 2 PM

According to the GPF statement, the criminal was sighted today, 17th of March, 2024 at Groete Creek Backdam, Essequibo River, by a team of Joint Services members. Upon seeing the ranks, Wong emerged from some bushes and charged towards them whilst wielding a cutlass. He was fired upon and fatally wounded. He fell to the ground and was relieved of his weapon. The body was subsequently escorted to the Bartica Hospital. The scene was processed and the following items were found on him and nearby:

  • One cutlass
  • $4700 Guyana Currency
  • 3 Sim cards
  • 1 flash drive and memory card
  • One scissors
  • 4 cigarettes
  • One flash light with batteries
  • One fishing hook
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • One cellular phone
  • One lighter
Items recovered on and about Akeem Wong

Wong had been on the run since the 15th of February, 2024 when he escaped from the maximum security Mazaruni Prison in the Mazaruni River in Region 7, Guyana, South America. At the time, he was serving a 15 year sentence for rape. During an outdoor exercise, Wong asked the prison guard for a short break to defecate. As soon as the guard turned his back, he made good his escape. The exact circumstances of Wong’s escape remain sketchy and questionable.

Murderer and Rapist Akeem Wong

On Saturday, 9th of March, 2024, in Saxacalli Village, Region 3, a man fitting the description of Akeem Wong, and believed to be him, approached a family and begged for food. The family obliged. After eating and drinking, the man murdered his host, David Gomes, a 49-year-old taxi driver and his mother, Elizabeth ‘Nellie’ Gomes, 75. The brutal act was witnessed by David Gomes’ six year old son who alerted relatives through his father’s WhatsApp.

According to the young boy, the murderer came asking directions and begging for food from the family. He was hospitably treated by David Gomes who gave him both food and drinks. After eating and drinking, the criminal armed himself with a cutlass and began chopping David. David’s mom, Elizabeth Gomes, tried to intervene and rescue her son but received fatal chops in the process.

David Gomes and mother Elizabeth Gomes who were allegedly murdered by Akeem Wong

It is speculated that the fugitive murdered his host foolishly thinking that that would help cover his tracks and lesson his chances of being caught by law enforcement. To the contrary, the tragic incident triggered a high level hunt for Wong by the Guyana Police Force who were instructed to bring him in dead or alive.

On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the Guyana Police Force reported that Police Sergeant Alex Vaughn was shot dead accidentally by friendly fire while on the hunt for Akeem Wong.

Police Sergeant Alex Vaughn was martyred during the hunt for criminal Akeem Wong
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