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Students of Region 9 Report Being Attacked by a Ghost in a White Dress

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First Published: 9th of June, 2022. Guyana, South America. GSA News

Last updated: December 17, 2022 at 3:41 am

On the 8th of June, 2022, we published a story about paranormal activities experienced by students in Region 9 schools.

Read Story: Paranormal Activities Reported in Region 9 Schools

After publishing the story, we received feedback that this and similar unexplained phenomena have happened or continue to happen in schools all across Guyana, and not only in Region 9, and that they have been going on for decades, but it is poorly reported and has perhaps never been covered by the media in Guyana up to the time this publication first reported on it.

This publication interviewed nearly a dozen persons, including teachers, students, and parents of students across Region 9, in order to gather intelligence in an effort to raise awareness of these incidents with the objective of finding a solution so that hopefully no other student would have to endure such traumatic experiences while at school.

All the persons whom we have interviewed say that they believe that the phenomenon is grounded in the supernatural, and believe that the students are coming under demonic attacks.

On Wednesday, 8th of June, 2022, during the registration period at around 8 am, a group of female students of Aishalton Secondary in the Deep South Rupununi started to scream in a frightening manner. At first, the students in the other rooms thought it was some sort of classroom activity, but then a number of girls from forms 1, 2, and 3 ran out of their classroom and started to scream and shout something to the effect that someone is coming for them. They started to jump over walls and fences, and roll on the ground. There were screams all over the school compound.

Witnessing this was so scary. And some even jumped over the school fence. This happens regularly and it is believed that this is demon possession. It happens both in the day and night.

Student speaking to this publication on condition of anonymity because she does not wish to be identified.

Students of different age groups are affected, and the incident is reported to occur mostly in secondary schools where there are dorms, but it also affects those students who do not live in the dorms. Mostly, puberty-aged female students suffer from the attacks.

When the incident took place at Aishalton Secondary, it took several male students and teachers to restrain one girl who was acting out. At around 11 am, just around lunchbreak, medical professionals arrived at the school and administered injections with tranquilizing drugs to put the students to sleep. We were told however, that using injections is not common, and this is perhaps the first time it was administered. Usually, pastors would pray over the affected students in order to help to bring the attack to an end.

During the ordeal, the students would hurt themselves by hitting themselves against walls, running into doors, and throwing themselves on the ground. Students related that they do not feel pain when they are caught in this trance, but related that they would feel pain when the “old lady” beat them with the stick.

After the ordeal, blue and black marks would be found on the affected students. They would also feel weak, drained, and depressed with pain about their bodies. On top of that, the affected students would have to live with the debilitating fear that the attack could repeat itself.

The students who suffered from the attacks were questioned about what they remember during the episodes. All of them reported seeing a ghost that took the from of a “very white lady” in a white dress with black hair. She had a stick in her hand and would beat them. Sometimes she would cast a spell so they get “really painful” cramps. Some reported being choked, hair pulled, and banged against walls by the apparition.

She would then beat you or sometimes do a spell to make you catch a cramp and that is really painful, and would be saying to you to come home to your loved ones. You will obey eventually and that’s when you start running towards wherever she came from.

Affected student speaking to this publication on condition of anonymity.

Students would report that the ghost shouts at them to go home to their loved ones and tries to lead them to a creek to drown themselves. They reported seeing her in a cave under the waters of the creek and she would beckon the students to go there. It would also threaten the affected students that it would kill their family if they don’t obey.

One teacher who served at several schools across Region 9 reported seeing firsthand a girl who was displaying these symptoms. She jumped from a balcony about eight feet high and ran out of the school compound. Several persons chased her down in a vehicle, restrained her, brought her back, and locked her in a room until she returned to her senses.

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Alessandra Queen
Alessandra Queen
December 17, 2022 7:35 pm

Well… blood… proper disposal of sanitary pads..?

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