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Teacher Recounts Horrible Experience of Having Her Car Slammed at Starbucks

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27th of April, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: April 27, 2023 at 21:09 pm

A Guyanese woman, who is a teacher by profession, has recounted via her Facebook page, a terrifying experience of having her car slammed into and being destroyed allegedly a reckless driver in the Starbucks parking lot. The woman recounts hitting her chest and vomiting as a much bigger vehicle slammed into her car as she was entering the Starbucks parking lot, only to have it brushed off by her alleged assailant who exchanged numbers with her but is now allegedly refusing to answer calls. What’s worse is that the distraught citizen has been abandoned by the Guyana Police Force who contend that since the accident happened on “private property,” she must hire a lawyer and go to the courts for justice on her own. This is her story.

Statement by MaryAnn Dee

Welcome to Guyana!

The Starbucks car story.

Imagine going for food with you friend, observing all the driving rules. Then, boom, a car speeding out of the entrance slams into you. The whole front of your car is gone. Your car is left there waiting for the police and then a picture is flashed and turned into a whole joke.

Well you are allowed that. Let me walk you through the last couple of days of my life. My mode of transportation was damaged by the reckless driving of a 21 year old. The second image shows the skid marks of him trying to apply brakes. One can only imagine the speed he was driving with in a PARKING LOT. After going to the police station, there is where I was informed that because the accident occurred on private property, there is nothing the police can do there. I will have to file a civil suit to have any compensation.

The young man, Mr. Kris Shawn Raisawan, offered to pay half of the cost of damages. I explained to him that I am a teacher. I have worked my ass off in this system for ten years and I bought that. I worked since I was 17 and that is the first car I have owned. I bought that with my own sweat and perseverance. I explained to him that he made a terrible judgment speeding out the parking lot and out the entrance at that when he was supposed to follow the arrows and drive around to exit. He acknowledged and accepted those sentiments. I said that that is my hard work there and in all fairness I cannot let you and your recklessness just accept part ownership. I am seeking full recovery of damages and downtime.

The young man left a contact number and collected mine. Calls to him to discuss the way forward are being completely ignored. So, because I have to go through the whole legal battle to be compensated, he feels he off the hook.

My car is completely damaged while he has a couple of dents on his.

He jumped in his and went about his life. I hit my chest and was throwing up. He did not even have the human decency to go and ask if me and my friend were okay. I had to get my car towed yesterday and I am left in the chaos while the young man ignores all my calls and carries on with his life – when I could’ve lost mine.

We wonder why people are frustrated on Guyana and why do we have so many social ills? Look at our system! This system was built on the backs of the regular man just to break our backs! I am very emotional right now because I am so angry. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions; now I am left without a car plus I have to now seek a lawyer to sue him. While the law just does nothing because it was a parking lot?!

Now I have to go look for him as well because he is refusing to communicate.

Tell me how is this fair? How do I, a teacher, a taxpayer get justice from this system we work for?

We talk about mental health. How healthy is it that the regular man has to go all out to fight for justice…when the person committing the act gets to go about life as per normal? No one understands the rage I am feeling right now. How is any of this fair?

End Quote

Source: MaryAnn Dee on Facebook

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