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Video: Brave Woman Continues Filming Even After Hit by Bullet

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10th of May, 2023. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: May 10, 2023 at 19:40 pm

A Facebook Live video today, 10th of May, 2023, shows a woman filming an altercation between two groups of people during which she was shot by a yet to be identified gunman. It is not clear at the moment what is the root of the problem. However, one source suggested that it has to do with dispute over land. The incident took place on the Essequibo Coast in Region 2, Guyana, South America.

Near to the start of the video (posted below), which was streamed live from Facebook at around 1:00 PM today, 10th of May, 2023, the woman can be heard saying, “whoa this man is firing!” At the same time, shots rang out and the woman started to scream saying that she was hit. “He shot me, he shot me, oh my God!”

But despite being hit on the foot by the bullet or bullets, the woman did not drop her phone or cut the Facebook live. She kept the phone up, filming, while identifying her shooter by name.

“My name is Gaitri Ragoobar… I am standing on our property here…I was just shot at by Mohamed Fawaz Bacchus…I am the daughter of Mahadeo Ragoobar.”

The woman kept filming for about five minutes until the video shows the shooters scampering away on foot. She turned the camera down to show blood on her foot where she was shot and retained her composure throughout most of the video.

Video: Gaitree Ragoobar

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