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Young Woman Murdered While Attempting to Leave Abusive Relationship

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6th of March, 2023. GSA News. Guyana News. Guyana, South America

Last updated: March 6, 2023 at 23:19 pm

Another precious life lost at the hands of a coward. Team Guyana South America strongly condemns violence against women.

Advisory: Videos posted in this article contains graphic content depicting violence.

A young Guyanese woman was brutally murdered by her common-law partner today, 6th of March, 2023 at around 10:00 A.M while she was attempting to walk away from their abusive relationship.

Police are investigating the alleged murder of Aneeza Ishmael, a 26-year-old housewife of Hope Estate, East Coast Demerara, which occurred at around 10:00 hrs today (Monday) at Hope Estate, ECD. The suspect is Ricardo Kattow, called ‘Otis’, a fisherman of Hope Estate.

Enquiries disclosed that Aneeza Ishmael and the suspect lived together as husband and wife in a ‘common law’ relationship. They had ongoing domestic issues where he accused her of being unfaithful. On the 3rd of March, 2023, the now deceased woman left home and went to her friend’s house at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, where she stayed for a few days.

However, at about 10:00 hrs today, she returned home in the company of her sister, age 21, of Kersaint Park, East Coast Demerara, to collect her belongings. While there, she was confronted by the suspect, who asked her not to leave.

Aneeza Ishmael insisted that she only came to collect her clothing. The suspect became annoyed, pulled a knife from the waist of his pants and attacked the woman. Aneeza’s sister pushed away the now-deceased woman and told her to run, which she did. The suspect ran behind Aneeza and caught her in the yard, where he stabbed her in the neck, face, and hands, causing her to fall to the ground.

The suspect then attacked the sister, and she fought him off. She received a wound to her left thumb. The suspect inflicted several wounds on his body and consumed a poisonous substance, and he fell to the ground. Neighbours were alerted, and the police were summoned.

On arrival at the scene, the body was examined, and both the victim and the suspect were escorted to the CC Nicholson Hospital at Nabaclis, ECD, where they were admitted. At about 12:20 hrs, a Doctor pronounced the victim ‘dead’ while receiving treatment. The suspect was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was admitted as a patient under guard.

The scene was processed and photographed. The area was checked, and one knife was recovered in the yard, and an empty bottle appeared to be the bottle containing the substance that the suspect consumed.

The deceased woman’s body was escorted to Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, awaiting a post-mortem examination. Investigations are continuing.

Aneeza reportedly leaves behind two young children.

Team Guyana South America extends heartfelt condolences to the relatives and friends of Aneeza Ismael and prays that the family finds peace during this difficult time.

Source: Action News Guyana (Reprinted with Permission)

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