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Young Woman Seeks “Pen Pal” After Husband Walks Out, Leaving Her With Three Kids

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Published: 27th of April, 2024. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: April 28, 2024 at 2:02 am

A young Guyanese woman has reached out to this publication to tell her story in the hopes that it will help her heal and move on with her life. Retisha Henry explains that she was happily married only a few months ago. According to Retisha, one day, her husband suddenly walked out of her life telling her that he just doesn’t love her anymore. She says that her ex husband is now in a relationship with another woman whom he says he loves.

My mother raised me on strict family values, and so I was careful not to engage in promiscuous activities or premarital affairs. I waited for the right person, got married, and tried to be a good wife, but my husband just woke up one day and decided to end it all, saying that he is now in love with someone else.

-Retisha Henry

The distraught and befuddled young woman asked us, “do you think this is right what my husband did?” She related that her husband subsequently advised her to “move on with her life,” since he no longer loves her. Retisha relates that what confuses her most is that her now ex husband is a “pastor.”

Retisha Henry explained that she is now left to take care of three kids with no job, business, or finances, and as such is left to rely heavily on her parents. She relates that it is difficult to secure a job because one of her children is still a baby who, along with the other two toddlers, is very demanding and requires intensive care and attention.

Retisha says she is now looking to correspond with a “pen pal” who can help to change her thoughts and possibly lead to a new relationship. However, she explains that she would like to take things slowly and not rush into a new relationship. She can be contacted on:

WhatsApp: (592) 619 7140

A few years ago, we featured Retisha as a talented Guyanese artist. You can read that story by clicking: Meet Talented Guyanese Artist Retisha Henry.

Editor’s Note: Retisha is not looking to have sex for money or short term relationships. She’s hoping to connect with someone loving and understanding of her situation. Please do not contact her for the wrong reasons.

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