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Lent, Navratri, and Ramadan Coincide – by Anah Leung

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Published: 27th of March, 2023. Contributed by Anah Leung

Last updated: March 27, 2023 at 21:53 pm

This evening, I was able to get a glimpse of the Crescent Moon. This is usually something I normally do almost every day. I would look at the sky to see what interesting sights I can see and be able to capture. Fortunately, I captured the Crescent Moon with the planet Venus, despite its small appearance to the eyes. As most of us already know, it also depicts the start of Ramadan. It’s the ninth month, according to the Muslims calendar.

This auspicious occasion also happens to coincide with Lent which is celebrated not only by the Catholics but also Anglicans, Methodist, Lutherans, and non Catholics. Lent started on February twenty-second. I’ve met persons who aren’t into any religion who nevertheless observe lent. Unlike the Muslims, this fast lasts for forty days while the Muslim fast only lasts for a month. Recently, the Hindus have also started to fast as well for the celebration of Chaitra Navratri. The Hindu fast only lasts for nine days and it started on the twenty-second, the day before Ramadan.

It’s quite astonishing to know that such events actually happened almost around the same time except that Lent lasts for the longest period, which is the first one to start off fasting.

The purpose of these three special occasions is to observe cleanliness, refrain from eating meat of any kind, alcohol, declaration of faith, sacrifice, sex, alms giving, self-control, and most of all self-discipline. Its a time to give your body respect on a spiritual level. ⛪️✝️🛕🕉🕌☪️

Date: 23/03/2023

Author: Anah Leung

Location: Georgetown

Description: Three major religions within Guyana.

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