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Amerindian Heritage Month Message from the South Rupununi District Council

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First Published: 1st of September, 2020

Last updated: September 16, 2023 at 12:55 pm

This Amerindian Heritage Month message was published in September, 2020 by the South Rupununi District Council. Three years later, the message is just as relevant and just as beautiful. We decided to republish it in 2023 in recognition of Amerindian Heritage Month 2023.

Happy Indigenous Heritage Month to all our indigenous brothers and sisters across Guyana from the Wapichan people in the Rupununi Savannahs.

Wapichan Kaduzu Will be Strong

We will live communally and help each other through our traditions, including ant-stinging, healing ceremonies, cotton farming, weaving hammocks, making clay pots, using bows and arrows, building houses with traditional materials, cooking with renewable fire wood, and eating traditional foods such as cassava bread, farine, ground provisions, and pepperpot.

We will protect our sacred and sensitive places. Future generations will carry out our ceremonies and spiritual practices as our grandfathers did. Our marunaonao will provide healing and spiritual guidance for us and we will pass on their knowledge to our future generations. “
-Baokopa’o wa di’itinpan wadauniinao ati’o nii (kaimanamana’o, wa zaamatapan , wa di’itapan na’apamnii wa sha,apatan Wapichan Wiizi Guyana’ao raza)

Model: 16 year old Jael Laud?

Source: South Rupununi District Council

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