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A Mother’s Unfathomable Love: the Story of Nadia and Aditya Budwah

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Published: 24th of July, 2023 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 13, 2024 at 18:14 pm

In an often troubled world which sometimes leave us questioning our sanity, the story of the young Guyanese woman, Nadia Budwah, and her son, Aditya, a story of true love and selfless sacrifice, is a timely reminder that unconditional love exists, and that humans were created in the image of a God of love. This is a true story of pure love, sacrifice, selflessness, and tragedy which embodies the might of the human spirit and a mother’s unparalleled and unfathomable love for her child.

Nadia and her two children in happier times.
Photo of Nadia and Aditya taken in January, 2021. (Newsroom photo)

In August, 2020, after having breathing difficulties and vomiting blood, Aditya Mohabir, then fourteen years old, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure forcing him into routine dialysis treatment until surgery could be done. The high cost of dialysis put the struggling family under great strain. Nadia explained to Newsroom in January, 2021 that she was the sole breadwinner of the family since her husband had injured his spinal cord in an accident, leaving him unable to work. Her husband subsequently passed away in January, 2023.

“Everywhere you go, you have to take taxi because with his condition you cannot travel with bus and we have to leave home like 4am to take him to East Coast at Doobay for the dialysis,” the mother explained.

At the cost of US$3,800, Nadia did a crossmatch testing which determined that she could donate one of her kidneys to save her son’s life. Thankfully, the Guyana Government pledged to cover the cost of the surgery and it was scheduled for the 18th of January, 2021 at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Due to some complications, the surgery was delayed for 8th of February, but was successfully completed. Nadia was 32 years old at that time, and her son, 15.

“It felt great because I know to myself I am doing something good for Aditya” the young mother of two told reporters at a media briefing at GPHC.

Although it would take a few months for Nadia herself to recover from surgery done to donate her kidney, all she could focus on was the well being and happiness of her son.

“I am speaking on behalf of him, he is excited and he can’t wait to go home and show people what he went through and now he get back a normal life, he feel he can show off right now,” the mother smiled.

The mom’s kidney in the boy’s body was expected to last 20 to 25 years once medication is taken as prescribed and doctor’s orders followed. However, in early 2023, Aditya developed symptoms of weakness, loss of weight, loss of appetite, fever, belly pain, and abscesses about his body. He was subsequently diagnosed with cancer and was hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital for three months from May, 2023. On the 23rd of July, 2023, Aditya Mohabir passed away at the Georgetown Public Hospital from complications of cancer and tuberculosis.

Aditya’s mom would like to dispel an inaccurate report from an irresponsible social media outlet which gave the impression that Aditya died from complications or failure of the kidney transplant operation. She would like to reiterate that the kidney transplant was successful, and that the transplanted kidney was in good health at the time when Aditya died.

Nadia explained that Aditya was a sickly child since he was 11 months old. At about three years old, he came in contact with an electrical wire which shocked him. He survived the shock but suffered from complications afterwards including frequent thirst. He was advised by doctors subsequently not to drink too much coconut water. This electrical shock at a young age might have contributed to Aditya developing kidney failure later in life.

Nadia says she would happily give her other kidney if it would bring Aditya back.

For mother’s day 2024, Team Guyana, South America honored Nadia Budwah by featuring her story, a story which embodies the unfathomable, selfless, and incomprehensible love of a true mother. Happy mother’s day once again to all mothers around the world and especially our mother of the year, Nadia Budwah.

We pray that God give Nadia the strength, courage, and comfort to carry on through this life despite her tragic loss and shower her with His richest blessings in this life and the next.🙏❤

You can learn more about Nadia Budwah and follow her on:



Editor’s Note: The social media links above were posted for informational purposes and the sake of completeness. It was not posted for promotional purposes nor did Nadia request that we post it.

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