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10-Year-Old Indigenous Girl Writes Inspiring Poem on Social Issue

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First Published: 3rd of July, 2022 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: April 24, 2023 at 20:23 pm

A ten-year-old indigenous girl has written a poem highlighting a worrying social issue. The poem is so profound, insightful, inspiring, and beautifully written that the reader has a hard time believing it was written by a ten-year-old.

Rachel Davis is now actually 13 years old, but she wrote the poem when she was ten. A resident of Toka Village in the North Rupununi Savannahs of Guyana, she is already blazing the trail of business success with her own arts and craft business, Rachel’s Clay Cotton Crafts. Rachel’s mom, Indranee, relates:

When my daughter, Rachel, was 10, I told her the story of a young woman whom I had met at a mining landing a few years before. The young woman’s story weighed heavily on my mind and heart. After telling Rachel about her, my then 10-year-old wrote this poem “Come Come.” When I read it, at that moment, I felt regret for telling her because I did not realize the level at which she would understand, and that I had brought an impossible scenario into our safe place at home in our village. That threat was already there in the Rupununi but hidden. That young lady’s story is just one of many, and with these recent deaths made public – who knows how many remain hidden, of young indigenous women. Rachel’s poem has so many messages for us all….

The “recent deaths” that Rachel’s mom, Indranee, is referring to, are those of indigenous women who were killed in remote mining areas, some or all of whom may have been victims of human trafficking, deception, and human rights abuses. The most recent of these is the case of 19-year-old Anisa Miguel who left to work at Papishow landing in Region 7, but returned home a few weeks later in a casket.

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Come, Come!

a Poem by Rachel Davis of Toka Village, North Rupununi

Wild and free, my place,
Wind in my face.
Farm, school, and fish,
Family, friends, and tuma dish.

New people, new things,
Nice "auntie" with big rings.
"Come, here is a sweetie."
"Come, you are such a cutie."

Forgetting our land,
"Big, big money" is the plan.
"Come," says auntie, "you will cook."
"Go! Go! Forget that book!"

Far from home now,
Survival somehow.
Thirteen no more,
Grow up time for sure!

Auntie, what to cook?
"Haha! Girl look!"
"Come dress up, sweet up!
Sit, wait, and drink up!"

No! No! Stop! Stop!
Auntie, I am hurt!
"Girl, go back to the shop!
Money for your worth!"

Home, home, please.
"You have to pay me fuss."
Home now, but not the same.
"Take the money, go, go, we shame!"

"Auntie," I am here.
"Ha! Dress up! Sweet up!"
Little sisters, not here.
Stay, keep that book near.

Rachel Davis is now actually 12 years old. You can find her at her Art and Craft Business page: Rachel’s Clay Cotton Crafts.

Rachel’s mom, Indranee, told this publication that Rachel is actually a prolific writer who has started writing poetry since she was five years old. We will be featuring more of Rachel’s work on this website in the near future.

Rachel Davis is of mixed heritage. Her mother is East Indian and her father is of the Makushi tribe of indigenous peoples. The young girl nevertheless identifies as indigenous.

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