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Meet Mr. Eustace Abraham, AKA Robocop, Founder and CEO of Cyborg Protection Services

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Published: 29th of June, 2023 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: June 30, 2023 at 2:27 am

A successful sports personality and international bodybuilding champion, the founder of Cyborg Protection Services was nicknamed “Robocop” due to his remarkable size and strength coupled with the respect he earned in the field of security in Guyana.

Mr. Eustace Abraham is in fact one of Guyana’s most peaceful, humblest, and kindest citizens with a deep and sincere desire to protect law abiding persons from criminal threats, and with a life-long dream that Guyana will one day become a crime-free zone that all Guyanese will be proud to call home.

Robocop recently came into the spotlight after he stepped in and saved a police officer who was being brutally beaten by two persons (video posted at the end of this article). In an exclusive interview with the Guyana, South America publication, founder and CEO of Cyborg Protection Services, Eustace Abraham, shares deep insights into his personal life, career, and business goals.

Early Life

Mr. Eustace Abraham was born in Christianburg, in the bauxite mining town of Linden, Region 10, Guyana, South America in the year 1970. His father is of Middle Eastern/Arab heritage, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity and became a missionary preaching the gospel in different parts of the world. His mother, now deceased, was a Guyanese of African descent from the town of Linden. Mr. Eustace Abraham is the forth of six siblings.

Due to the fact that his father’s missionary work saw him traveling often, Eustace’s mom raised him and his five other siblings for about 70% of their upbringing. Eustace says that his mother raised him and his other siblings “with a stern hand,” taught them manners and respect for the property of others, and instilled the quality of bravery in them through her personal example. He describes his mother as “the strongest and bravest woman” he has ever encountered.

At the age of three, the Abraham family moved to the Essequibo Coast, and consequently, the young Eustace Abraham completed his primary education at Taymut Manner Primary School on the Essequibo Coast where he gained the second highest score in the country in the Common Entrance Exams. As such, he was given the option of attending Queens College Secondary, Saint Stanislaus College, or Bishops High School. However, for reasons he alone understood and appreciated, Eustace’s dad chose to enroll him at West Demerara Secondary School where he completed his secondary education with passes in 5 CXC subjects including Mathematics and English.

Work, Education, and Career

After high school, Eustace attended the Government Technical Institute where he studied electrical installation. At the same time, he was active in professional cycling, taking part in various competitions, and also in the self-defense art of Ju Jitsu. As a teenager, Eustace was selected to represent Guyana in the Ju Jitsu competitions in the Goodwill Games of 1989. However, due to complications with visa issues, the mission was called off.

At the age of 18, Abraham started working as a receptionist at the Tower Hotel in Georgetown. It was there, he explained, that a series of events inspired him to pursue something more challenging in the line of law enforcement and defense. Mr. Abraham explains that, on several occasions, guests who had just left the hotel were attacked by robbers. On many occasions, he ran to the rescue, applying his Ju Jitsu skills in the process. And these were some of the experiences which inspired him to pursue a career in law enforcement.

After being informed that he was too young to join the military, Eustace Abraham joined the Guyana Police Force as a constable in the year 1990. Due to his qualifications, he was promoted to detective constable in the first couple of months.

Mr. Abraham relates that, starting in the year 1995, there was a surge in criminal activities in Guyana which included home invasions, beatings, rapes, kidnappings, and robberies. Aside from the potential to destabilize the country and government, these criminal activities contributed to mass migration of peace loving Guyanese who scrambled to escape the crime-ridden environment and secure a better life for themselves and their families.

Mr. Eustace Abraham was at that time hand-selected to be a part of the Target Special Squad which was created to fight the criminals and protect law-abiding citizens. In this context, he compares Georgetown and its environs at that time to “ground zero” in a gang war in which the Target Special Squad was the legal gang fighting against the criminal gang.

In the year 2000, at the age of 30, Eustace Abraham migrated to Canada where he furthered his studies and career, gaining many certificates along the way. At the age of 48, after completing two years’ of studies, he graduated with honors from Durham College acquiring a diploma in law and security.

Personal Life

Presently unmarried, Mr. Eustace Abraham has one daughter whom he raised as a single dad, a role he thoroughly enjoyed but which posed some challenges and slightly affected his career development. His daughter, now residing in Canada, is happily married with two beautiful children. An animal lover, the young woman, now in her mid-twenties, is the owner of a small business in the pet care industry.

Establishment of Cyborg Protection Services in Guyana

Heeding President Ali’s call for Guyanese to return to Guyana and help in development of the now booming oil economy, Abraham returned to Guyana in 2021 and established Cyborg Protection Services. When asked why the name “Cyborg,” Mr. Abraham replied with a bit of humor.

“Well, the word Cyborg, as we all know, means half man, half machine, and when I look into the mirror, that is what I see!”

Word of Advice to Young People

Before you can accomplish or elevate yourself in life, you have to determine a goal and find what you’re good at. Zero in to that goal, and attach focus and belief to that goal. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. I also call this entire process “picking your battles for positive outcome.” Also, success is a frequency that is sent from your heart, to your mind, to the outcome.

You can learn more about Mr. Eustace Abraham’s security services in Guyana and connect with him via his website:

The video above, copied from the Facebook Page of “Action News Guyana,” shows Mr. Eustace Abraham saving a police officer who was being brutally beaten by two men.

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