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Meet Talented Emerging Guyanese Singer, Cece Gonsalves

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Published: 22nd of January, 2024 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: January 29, 2024 at 13:25 pm

Talented, emerging Guyanese singer, CeCe Gonsalves, was born in the capital city of Georgetown 22 years ago. She grew up in Father’s Beach in the Moruca sub district of Region 1, Guyana, South America. For her, the passion for singing developed naturally at a tender age as she would often find herself singing out loud.

However, due to the limited support and resources aspiring Guyanese singers generally receive, CeCe was at a loss as to how to pursue her dream of singing. This changed when she met another music enthusiast from Georgetown, Ben Franklyn. Ben, a music composer and singer himself, welcomed CeCe to his studio where they both, along with another musician, Ryan David, collaborated on their first song together: From Georgetown to New York City (GTNYC).

CeCe’s next song was “I would have kissed her too” featuring Ben Franklyn, and then “Biggest Hater” again featuring Ben Franklyn. She says she is due to release a next song soon, entitled, “Queen in my Game of Chess.”

I want to learn as much about music as I can. I want to perform and to create something that would last…that would have a lasting impact on people, something that people can relate to.

Cece Gonsalves

CeCe says she would like to thank her family for encouraging her to pursue her dreams, especially her grandmother who told her to “follow her dreams” so that she might live a life with no regrets. She would also like to thank all her friends, fans, and followers who support her and share her music as she climbs the ladder of success in the challenging music industry.

Join us in cheering CeCe all the way to the top of the ladder of success! Follow her on Instagram:

This article was reproduced in the Guyana, South America Weekly Newsletter for week ending 3rd of February, 2024.

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