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Meet Talented Guyanese Artist, Roann Pierre

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Published: 10th of April, 2024 by Patrick Carpen


Talented Guyanese artist, Roann Pierre, was born in Charity, Essequibo, Region 2, Guyana, South America. The youngest of five siblings, Roann started her formal education at Gacestock Nursery School in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, after which she moved on to F.E. Pollard Primary, and then to Christ Church Secondary.

The young woman related to this publication that she had a passion for drawing since she was in nursery school but she started taking on art as a career at the age of twenty. Roann says she’s mostly self-taught through YouTube and Facebook videos.

My parents played a significant role in nurturing my artistic abilities. My father’s skills in building and land surveying have instilled a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail, while my mother’s innovative approach to homemaking has inspired my creativity. High School, especially with the support of my art teacher, was a critical time for discovering and developing my passion. This blend of family influence and educational encouragement basically set the foundation for my continued pursuit of art.

-Talented Guyanese artist Roann Pierre

Roann explained to this publication that a friend’s belief in her talent is what jolted her in the direction of taking up art as a professional pursuit.

I use to just draw and show my friend and my family. One day I did a few drawings of famous people and my friend said, “oh I would pay for a portrait of myself.” She then suggested that I advertise and see if I can make money from art. And that’s how I started.

Roann Pierre

Specializing in portraits in the art field presents challenges like sourcing high-end supplies and maintaining a consistent flow of orders to sustain a full-time artist career. The need for top-quality materials to achieve professional results can be costly and time-consuming.Mastering pencil portrait art is a skill that requires dedication and practice. By aiming to be one of the best in Guyana, I am setting a high standard for myself and my work. My dreams of owning my own art studio can provide me with a space to create and showcase my art and strive for more support and recognition of local art.

Roann Pierre

Below we feature some of Roann’s amazing, stunning, and outstanding artwork.

You can see more of her artwork, follow her on social media, buy her paintings, and contract her for artwork by liking and following Roann Pierre’s Facebook Page: Roann Pear Arts.

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