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Talented Artist, Retisha Henry, Dreams of Becoming a Professional Art Teacher

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First Published: 15th of December, 2022 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: April 7, 2024 at 4:30 am

Retisha Henry (full name: Rani Retisha Ghyara Henry) was born with a special gift – the gift of representing the beauty of nature on canvas, and she hopes to one day share her gift with aspiring students, as well as sell her outstanding works of art – some examples of which you will see here on this page.

Rani Retisha Ghyara Henry was born in the city of Georgetown, Guyana, South America at the Woodlands Hospital in the year 2005. She is now just 19 years old.

Retisha began her education at St. Gabriel’s Nursery, then St. Gabriel’s Primary, and then the Business School where she completed her secondary education. She also attended the Burrowes School of Art for six months.

Retisha’s mom explained to this publication that her daughter’s gift in art is something that came naturally to her – she didn’t have a mentor or teacher, or someone who influenced her into the field. However, she started painting naturally at the age of six.

The talented young girl is interested in teaching art to persons who are interested in learning. She also creates paintings to sell, and is open to doing freelance or contract projects. If you would like to contract Retisha for an art project, sign up for her art classes, or buy one of her paintings, contact her today on (592) 610 2879.

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