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Turning My Passion into Profits by Tromain David

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There is a saying that goes, “find a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life.” The same applies for business. Doing something that you are passionate about eliminates stress and accelerates performance. This concept is one of the key elements within the success story of young Guyanese businesswoman, Tromain David, who harnessed her love for fashion and turned it into a profitable business. This is her story.

I’m am a 27-year business owner opereating in Corriverton, Berbice. “T’s Hair World”
is a business I created which sells human hair, Brazilian synthetic hair, and much more. I am located at the bottom flat of Mahagony Building in Corriverton, Berbice in Region 6, Guyana, South America.

I grew up with my grandmother who passed away years ago. She was the breadwinner for our family. After she passed away, I had no choice but to make a future for my self. For some time, I worked at banks DIH limited as a control staff. Later, I work at UK Auto Sales as a sales representative. I also taught at a private school .

Then I decided to come back home and open a business I call T’s Hair World. I have always had a passion for hair . I started in a small caravan at a road side in 2018, and today I am the owner of my own business. I am currently renting the bottom flat of Mahogany Building.

My business has been growing, and because of my customers, I am ready to expand my business countrywide. Due to recent improvements, my customers in Berbice, Georgetown, and Linden will be able to uplift their packages in a timely manner in a friendly environment.

These packages can be uplifted at A& Z closet which is located at 217 Middle Road Lapenitence, Georgetown which is managed and owned by my cousin, Nikita David. For my customers in New Amsterdam, Berbice, there will be a location there where they can uplift their packages too from next month .

When it comes to challenges, I must say that in everything we do, we will face challenges, but we must be strong and willing to move forward. I myself have had many challenges, but I have managed to move forward and keep pushing because it’s not the amount of time you fall that matters, but it’s if you’re able to get up and keep pushing.

My aim is to be the first wholesale hair vendor in my community within a few years from today. I push hard because I know what it’s like to grow up poor, and I don’t ever want to go back to that kind of living. For this same reason, I encourage young women with dreams of being a business owner never to give up. Keep pushing. Keep trying even if it’s a sweets stand. Be proud of your business and yourself! Remember you can move from a simple sweets stand to your own candy factory! Once you believe it, you can do it. Consistency is the key. No matter what challenges you may face, always push for success.

You can contact Ms. Tromain David at her business, T’s Hair World on telephone numbers:

(592) 670-9319 (Direct Calls)
(592) 639-3870 (Whatsapp)

On Facebook: T’s Hair World Extensions and Accessories on Facebook

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