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Two Doctors Team up to Offer Free Online/Phone Consultation for Guyanese Residents

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First Published: 21 of November, 2021. Guyana, South America. GSA News. Guyana News.

Last updated: April 25, 2023 at 17:37 pm

In an unprecedented, revolutionary move, two Guyanese doctors have teamed up to offer free phone and WhatsApp consultation for people who may need medical advice but may be unable or hesitant to visit the hospital.

Leader of the project, Dr. Elber Borrego Almaguer explains that many people may have a simple condition which can be resolved by a few words of advice from a qualified medical professional. Additionally, in these pandemic times, many people may be hesitant to visit the hospitals for a variety of reasons. Further, he explains that this initiative will help to reduce the long lines at hospitals and clinics across the country that put strain on both patients and medical professionals.

Dr. Elber Borrego Almaguer and Dr. Millaxi Alejandra Rajkumar are two qualified, Cuban trained doctors who have been practicing in Guyana for several years. They are hopeful that other doctors will join their team.

If you are feeling unwell, and you would like free medical advice, feel free to contact the following numbers:

(592) 674 4862 – Dr. Elber Borrego Almaguer (General Physician)

(592) 664 8775 – Dr. Milaxi Alejandra Rajkumar (General Physician)

Please note that WhatsApp is available on both numbers.

In an interview with this publication, Dr. Borrego explains that in many cases, a medical condition can be resolved through professional medical advice from a qualified doctor, but there are times when visiting the hospital or clinic is inevitable.

He explains that this initiative is a work a of charity, and it is his way of giving back to the community. However, he says that he has faced opposition and discouragement when he first launched the initiative a few months ago with many of his colleagues and fellow medical professionals strongly opposing the idea.

His fellow colleagues and medical professionals have citied a plethora of reasons why such a project might be a bad idea or will not work. One of these reasons is that doctors need to charge for their services. Another is that they might be taken advantage of. But Dr. Borrego explains that his reward comes from God, and he feels blessed to be able to bless the lives of others. On this note, he cited a number of situations where he had been helped without paying money.

Despite the fact that they have faced opposition and criticism, Dr. Elber and Dr. Millaxi are going full board ahead with their new revolutionary project of offering free medical advice to the Guyanese public. They hope that other medical professionals will relent and join the team in providing what they see as a much needed service in Guyana.

Team Guyana, South America strongly supports this revolutionary service offered by these two young doctors of Guyana. We are of the opinion that such a service is highly needed in Guyana and will greatly improve the quality of life of all Guyanese. We urge other medical professionals to join the team and we also call on the Guyana government to give this project its fullest support.


Team Guyana, South America has provided a website for the Ask a Doctor Project. Please go here:

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