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Cuffy Statue or The 1763 Monument

Last updated: November 12, 2019 at 17:02 pm
Photo taken by Patrick Carpen around February 2019

The Cuffy Statue, also called the 1763 Monument, is a national monument of Guyana erected in honor of rebel slave “Cuffy.”

The junction where the monument is erected is called “The Square of the Revolution.”

Cuffy lead a rebellion against the Dutch colonial rulers around the year 1763. He took control of the county of Berbice for one year. However, things took a deadly turn after a disgreement with a fellow rebel. This rebel’s name was Akara.

Akara and Cuffy both led the uprising against the Dutch. However, this uprising twisted into a power struggle between Akara and Cuffy. Akara led troops against Cuffy’s forces and defeated them.

There are conflicting records as to how Cuffy met his death. Some reports say that when Cuffy saw that he was being defeated, he killed himself. Others state that he was captured and executed by the Dutch plantation owners.

Neighboring European military powers soon moved in and crushed the remaining rebel forces.

Today, Coffy is named as a national hero of Guyana

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