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The Takutu Hotel Annual Miss Rupununi Rodeo Pageant

Last updated: April 8, 2018 at 0:27 am

The Rupununi Rodeo Performances in Lethem, Rupununi Savannahs is one of Guyana’s most celebrated annual events which magnetizes and fascinates tourists from all over the world. The Rupununi Rodeo Shows by Rupununi’s skilled, daring and artful cowboys are held on the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter Weekend.

The Takutu Hotel’s Annual Miss Rupununi Rodeo Pageant is a talent and beauty show which is held on the evening of Good Friday to usher in the Annual Rupununi Rodeo Activities.

The Rodeo pageant seeks to unearth, showcase and reward talent, style and composure while providing entertainment for a huge and diverse crowd of both local and foreign visitors.

During the event, five to seven young women from the Rupununi Savannahs compete for the Miss Rupununi Rodeo Crown. The event is coordinated by the Management of the Takutu Hotel in Lethem, Rupununi with support from local businesses and individuals.

In 2018, the Takutu Hotel ran off its 15th (?) Annual Miss Rupununi Rodeo Pageant.

The 2018 winners were:

  1. Shenelle Thomas (Winner)
  2. Samara Melville (First Runner Up)
  3. Sabrina Albert (Second Runner Up)

Be sure to visit the Pageant’s official Facebook Page here:

Now enjoy these fantastic photos from the 2018 Takutu Hotel Rodeo Pageant.


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