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1932 Venezuelan Stamp Proves that the Essequibo Was Never Part of Venezuela

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Published: 12th of October, 2022 by Patrick Carpen

Last updated: May 30, 2024 at 16:50 pm

As the Venezuelan people and government continue their ramblings over Guyana’s Essequibo territory, the Guyanese people are firmly resolved to holding their ground with their unified the resounding song of “not a blade of grass” ceded to Venezuela. On this note, a 90-year-old Venezuelan stamp restates what we as Guyanese have known all along – that the Essequibo was never part of Venezuela, and that Caracas was never keen on claiming the Essequibo prior the 2015 oil discovery in Guyana’s waters.

A prominent Guyanese citizen, Mr. Frank Satnarine, who has been an avid stamp collector throughout his life, has unearthed a piece of evidence to prove this timeless truth.

I’ve been collecting stamps since I was 11 years old. And these books that I have, have been misplaced because I moved a lot. A relative found them recently and was kind enough to return them to me. And that’s how I found this stamp which was printed in Venezuela in the year 1932, and it shows carefully, because it depicts a map of South America, that Caracas never considered the Essequibo as part of Venezuela.

Mr. Frank Satnarine to the Guyana, South America Publication

Since the discovery of sweet light crude off the shores of Guyana in 2015, both the Venezuelan government and civilian Venezuelan groups have been ramping up their “fight” for the Essequibo – which, fortunately, has been a cold war so far. But why only now…when Venezuela never had an interest in the Essequibo prior to 2015? It’s simply because of greed. Maduro can’t manage his own 300 billion barrels of oil reserves – driving the economy into a crisis in spite of it – but he is somehow stupid enough to think that bullying Guyana out of a few billion barrels will make a difference to the faltering Venezuelan economy.

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