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Did Jim Jones Believe in Jesus?

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First Published: 28th of April, 2020 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: April 23, 2023 at 18:50 pm

Jim Jones was described as a Christian Preacher, so he was supposed to have believed in Jesus, right? Wrong. His words and actions were contrary to the banner of Christianity under which he preached.

It is no secret that religion has been hijacked by evil men and women who twist scriptures to suit their own conveniences. These wolves in sheep clothing use religion to control, enslave, and extort others. And Jim Jones was certainly one of these. But as the bible reassures us, “surely they have their reward.”

I’m the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have. – Jim Jones.

In one of the recordings that were recovered from “White Night,” Jim Jones was heard telling his flock, “I’m the best friend you’ll ever have.” This is contrary to the teaching of the bible which tells us that Jesus is the best friend we’ll ever have.

Jim Jones Played God

Jim Jones displayed many of the traits of the devil himself: portraying himself as a god was one of those traits. This is contrary to the teachings of the bible which tells us to be humble and esteem others above ourselves.

Jim Jones Loved Violence

The bible warns us that “whoever loves violence, God surely hates.” Jim Jones clearly loved violence. This was evident from recordings and videos which documented Jim’s violent rantings, his encouragement of violent thoughts, and his acts of cheering on violence. And finally, the mass murder on White Night.

One particular video showed one of Jim’s followers exclaiming that he wanted to stab his dad and sister who were back in the United States with a pair of scissors while Jim Jones smiled sadistically.

Death is Just “Crossing Over into a Next Plane.”

Contrary to biblical teachings, Jim Jones didn’t tell his followers that death is an opportunity to meet Jesus or be judged by God. He told them that death is “just crossing over to a next plane” — an idea that conflicts with Christian doctrine.

Who was “Uncle Fraser”?

Jim Jones Jr., the adopted son of Jim Jones, said that when his dad called him on the day of the mass murder, he gave him the code for committing suicide: we’re going to meet Uncle Fraser. Why not “we’re going to meet Jesus?” Who was Uncle Fraser? The devil?

Jim Jones Had Sexual Relations with Members of His Church

Contrary to living a life that was reflective of the light of God, Jim Jones portrayed a darkness from the pits of hell. He allegedly had sexual relationships not only with women, but also homosexual relationships with male followers of the People’s Temple.

Extortion and Violence

One of the reasons that the People’s Temple came under investigation in the United States was reports of violence against members of the temple as well as forcing them to sign over their properties to the organization. At the time of his death, Jones had in his possession a briefcase stuffed with 1 million US dollars – which he ordered to be delivered to the Russian Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana – and which was successfully delivered by one of his followers who escaped the mass murder.

What Can We Learn from this Impostor?

Christian churchgoers can learn a lot from the Jim Jones story. They can learn to open their eyes to situations in which they are being manipulated and taken advantage of by so called pastors, preachers, and churches. And they need to learn to move away fast from these manipulators. In fact, the bible warns us to beware, because there will come many ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing.

As Jim Jones himself put it, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

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