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I Would Die for Communism – Jim Jones

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First published on the 30th of April, 2020 by Patrick Carpen.

Last updated: April 23, 2023 at 19:58 pm

Jim Jones, founder of the People’s Temple of the United States and later the Jonestown ‘subcolony” in Guyana, South America, believed in a system of government referred to as “communism,” “socialism,” or “marxism.”

Jim Jones once said, “I love communism so much, I would die for it. But if I were to die, I’d take a thousand people with me.” And he did.

Communism is a failed system of government which only looks nice on paper. The objective is to erase the divide between the working class and the business class. But in doing so, it only creates a more parasitic system whereby the government becomes the ruling class and the entire nation the working class. With everyone “caste” into one “level playing field,” there is less motivation to try to do better, achieve more, devise, create, invent, or innovate – since everyone gets rewarded on the same level regardless of performance or merits.

Capitalism on the other hand is not perfect everywhere it is practiced, but it can be improved by implementing better labor laws, working conditions, and minimum salaries. Capitalism gives people the incentive to push themselves to the max and bring out the inner genius because production is almost always rewarded. While those pushing the communist agenda bemoan the plight of the working class, they fail to acknowledge that, in the capitalist system, a factory worker today can become a doctor, lawyer, or factory owner ten years later.

Why did Jim Jones love communism so much? We can only speculate. Perhaps it was because each individual develops his or her own ideologies over time based on what they observe in the world around them. It was reported that Jim Jones’ alcoholic father kept conditions in abject poverty while Jim was growing up. Perhaps this and other factors pushed the young lad into viewing capitalism as a failed system of governance.

On “White Night” in Jonestown in the remote jungles of the northwest region of Guyana, South America, on November 18th, 1978, Jim Jones murdered 918 people using cyanide mixed with flavor-aid.

Jim Jones wasn’t, as Jesus said, “the true shepherd” who laid down his life for his flock. Instead, he was a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing, a false prophet who murdered his flock for a lost worldly cause.

Jim Jones claimed that he and his followers were committing revolutionary suicide. He, and the people he murdered, was supposed to have died for the “holy cause of communism.” Jim Jones probably thought that committing the revolutionary suicide would help the cause of communism, but he only dealt communism one of the worst blows in the history of mankind. Using Jim Jones as an example, people would now view the supporters of communism as sick and deranged psychopaths.

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