The Politician and the Toshao

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A toshao is a leader of an Indigenous village in Guyana, elected every 3 years by the people of the village. In photo: Toshao of Orealla Village. 2018 photo.

A certain political group, which I shall not name because it is easy to know who they are, went into an interior location of Guyana to campaign. They asked the people what was bothering them and what needed to be fixed.

The Toshao of the village came out and started to speak, “sir, this Village has two serious problems.”

“Go on. Tell us what it is, ” said the leader of the political group confidently.

“Firstly, ” continued the Tashao. “The Village needs a water storage facility to cater for the dry season when…”

“Stop right there,” said the politician in a loud voice. He took out his Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cellphone, dialed some numbers and started to speak. About three minutes later, he ended his call with this line, “and I want this job started before the week is up!”

Then he turned to the Tashao. “Sir,” he said. “I just made a call to take care of that issue. Work on this project will commence right away. The contract is already being handed over in Georgetown as we speak. So what is the second problem you are facing?”

“The second problem,” said the Tashao, “is that there is no cell phone signal within a thirty-mile radius of this Village.”

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