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Poetry: To My Dear Daughter – by Joshini Ganesh

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by Joshini Ganesh

This beautiful poem was sent in by one of our fans, Joshini Ganesh, who says she has a passion for literature, especially poetry. Joshini wrote this poem for her daughter, and says that she is sure many mothers can relate to the sentiments expressed in it.

Her pretentious laughter
to gain my attention
amuses me
as I watch her trotting along,
tip toeing
like a ballerina
into my arms....

This little mischievous one,
still graceful in my eyes,
is a bubble of happiness,
as she lay her commandments on me....

Like a puppet on a string,
I follow every little thing
she demands that I do...
My eyes swollen up
with smiles too numerous to keep,
she comes and wipes my eyes 
with her little hands,
kisses my cheek over and over...

These are not tears
of sadness, dear...
These are tears of joys
that the heart couldn't hold back,
it is solemnly because of you,
my little human
that makes me wish to live forever
seeing my princess growing
into a wonderful, caring young woman... 

A beautiful creation of God...
I'm proud to say you are mine,
a part of myself is shown within you..
Your laughter fills my day,
giving me courage to live
and to be strong for you.

A pillar that seems 
to be forever and eternal.
This bond we share,
may it never change 
as conflicts may arrive in the future.
May you never distance yourself from me 
as the world and people are changing 
forgetting about bonds such as ours...

Thinking about my own mother 
and our relationship
makes me value my mother 
even more
because she feels the way
I feel about you...
I wish to keep you
 by my side forever,
not wanting you to grow up,
but through my eyes
you will forever be
this little innocent
and graceful child,
I will always keep 
close to my heart...

Joshini Ganesh is an aspiring Guyanese author who is currently working on a novel on the theme of human trafficking.

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