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    This article was first published on the 24th of August, 2019 by Patrick Carpen.

    Last updated: August 25, 2020 at 15:38 pm

    Updated: 24th of August, 2020:

    One year ago, God sent us a sign from the heavens…

    Team Guyana, South America interprets this as a sign that God is watching over Guyana and that He will lift up and bless Guyana.

    Indeed, we have seen evidence of that through Guyana’s most difficult times.

    On the afternoon of Saturday, 24th of August, 2019, something remarkable happened in the clouds over Guyana near to the border with Lethem.

    The clouds formed the shape of a Guyana Map right under the sun, partly blocking the rays of the sun.

    When a photo of the phenomenon first appeared on Facebook, everyone questioned its authenticity and whether it was the work of Photoshop. However, the Guyana, South America team was able to verify from several reliable sources that this event actually occurred and the photos were not edited.

    These photos were taken in Lethem near to the border with Brazil.

    Special thanks to Rose Harrinandan for capturing these amazing photos.

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