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St. Ignatius Secondary School Student Violently Attacked by “Gang” of Fellow Students

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Coming on the heels of a disturbing case of bullying involving female students of Tagore Memorial Secondary School in Corentyne, Berbice, is another troubling incident involving high school students of Guyana, South America. But this time, in what seems to fall just a few steps short of a murder attempt, blood was shed. The incident happened on Friday, 18th of October, 2019.

Reports are that 13-years-old Ethan Mc Lennan, a Grade Nine student of St. Ignatius Secondary School in Region 9, was violently attacked by a “gang” of fellow students about the same age.

According to reports, it is a disturbing case of bullying that has left the community in shock as parents and members of the society in general converged on various social media forums to voice their concerns about the prevalence of bullyism in Guyana’s Schools.

On a Facebook Post that went viral, an alarmed resident voiced his concern and called on the relevant authorities to launch a proper investigation into the matter in order to avoid having it “swept under the carpet.” You can see the Facebook Post below:

When his mother arrived at the scene in the very school compound, he was drenched in blood.

Some reports indicate that a student who witnessed the incident made a video recording of it but that the headteacher seized the device and deleted the recording. However, some persons have counterargued that the HM transferred the recording onto another device for safekeeping and then deleted the video to prevent it from going viral on social media.

Guyana, South America is calling on the relevant authorities to launch a proper investigation into this matter in order to help keep our schools and children safe.

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