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APNU/AFC Officials Clash Over Choice of Prime Ministerial Candidate

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In developing stories, it appears that the APNU/AFC coalition government is on the rocks with respect to a clash over the choice of a new Prime Ministerial Candidate for the upcoming 2020 elections.

“We don’t accept that any other entity or any other party shall tell us or dictate to us whom we should choose as our prime ministerial candidate. We are an independent party. We have made a decision, we have made a choice. Why should we revisit that discussion? Why should we go back to our membership and say let’s have another  decision?” – AFC Executive Member and Negotiator – Dominic Gaskin.

According to reports, the AFC has nominated Khemraj Ramjattan as their choice of Prime Ministerial Candidate to run alongside Mr. David Granger in the upcoming elections. However, officials of the APNU are subtly rejecting this proposal hinting at one point that Mr. Ramjattan is “too outspoken.”

Many people have speculated that the AFC has become “dead meat” in light of its apparent lack of power in governmental affairs, and the current Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, has been invariably dubbed a “rubber stamp.”

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